For a fair organic future

Specialists in organic fruit and vegetables

Bio World supplies a complete range of organically grown fruit and vegetables. We are 100% organic. Why? Because we believe in the commercial potential of organic produce, with consumers all over the world looking for naturally grown fruit and vegetables.

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A broad organic range

At Bio World we offer a huge range of organically grown fruit and vegetables. Our range not only includes the bestsellers but also new, less well-known products. We boost the market opportunities for organic products.

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Growing the way nature intended

Growing fruit and vegetables organically harks back to a time when fruit and vegetables were always grown in a natural way. This natural approach to growing is still practised today, but it is now done in a more efficient, professional manner. This results in fruit and vegetables with a full, intense flavour.

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  • organic outdoor vegetables
  • organic brassicas
  • organic leaf vegetables
  • organic bulb vegetables
  • organic hard fruit
  • organic soft fruit
  • organic citrus fruit
  • organic exotics