Organic growing – the way nature intended

Growing fruit and vegetables organically harks back to a time when fruit and vegetables were always grown in a natural way. This natural approach to growing is still practised today, but it is now done in a more efficient, professional manner. Organic fruit and vegetables are now also being grown using modern systems and techniques. Organic crop protection, for example. High-tech greenhouses for greenhouse vegetables. Highly efficient irrigation systems for outdoor vegetables. Yet always adhering strictly to organic principles.

Fruit and vegetables with flavour

The combination of natural growing methods and modern growing conditions creates the best possible foundation for the product. In organic cultivation, we allow greenhouse and outdoor crops more time to come to maturity. Because no chemical fertilisers are used in the growing process, no toxic residues are left behind. Organic products therefore develop a different cell structure. This alternative method is noticeable, particularly in the full, intense flavour of many products. That takes the perception of organic fruit and vegetables to a whole different level.

Fortunately more and more growers are turning to organics. With our large international network, Bio World can go a long way towards meeting every wish.